Zip-507x507 MagVec – calculates the magnetic field of a rock sample using the dipole approximation (XLS format, 13Kb)

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Zip-507x507Solar PV Compass – panel alignment adaption of a palaeomagnetic Sun Compass program (XLSX format, 153Kb)


Zip-507x507IGRF12 – International Geomagnetic Reference Field with all steps explicitly presented (XLS format, 61Kb)


Zip-507x507EulerAddn&Rotn – the spreadsheet on offer via “P. W. Schmidt and G. E. Williams, in press.  Paleomagnetic age of ferruginous weathering beneath the Hamersley Surface, Pilbara, Western Australia, and the Cenozoic apparent polar wander path. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences” (XLSM format, 103Kb)